Join the Renewable Energy Crypto-Currency Mining with Eclipse Token ICO.

Mining just became super profitable with the entrance of the Magnetic Power Generating assets on a decentralized Free clean energy generation platform to power mobile cryptocurrency mining into the $7.8 Trillion Renewable clean energy global market that will disrupt the crypto currency Market capitalization.




Worth of ECP tokens


BTC Raised
Softcap $10m
Hardcap $50m
We accept:

Magnetic Generators

Magnetic Power Clean energy electric generation to power cryptocurrency mining

AI Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence assisted energy token trading and distribution

Clean Energy Blockchain Ledger

Blockchain assisted decentralized clean energy generation ledger

Futuristic Trading Platform

Blockchain supported clean energy trading marketplace P2P and P to Grid platform

Eclipse Energy coin is a cryptocurrency built on the Blockchain to back our revolutionary magnetic power generating assets and clean energy plant assets , the transaction of decentralized clean free energy generation, trading, distribution and transactions on a Blockchain supported marketplace like the Magnetic power generators that will revolutionize the mobile cryptocurrency mining, create new income streams for the budding entrepreneur, and serve as an alternate source of passive income generation.

Our Coin Holders will be able to participate in our P2P energy market trading platform when its launched which represents the 7.8 trillon dollar energy market renewable energy global market, this is a revolution that will power the generation of cryptocurrency on virtually free energy from our power generating assets, time to claim your share of free energy generation technologies

  • Clean Energy Power Assets
  • Free energy powered Bitcoin Mining
  • Trading platform
  • P2P Trading
  • P to Grid Trading
We are bringing crypto Assets investments into clean energy magnetic power generating to power the cryptocurrency mining industry. During mining operation, a very large chunk of electricity is generated which is used by the graphic cards in solving complex data problems during the hashing and processing of cryptocurrency transactions., a clean source of infinite source of clean energy to produce the electricity needed will
  • Reduce the cost of crypto-currency mining
  • Make Crypto-currency mining more profitable
  • Support Mobile mining structures
  • Make Mobile mining truly mobile by the ability to deploy anywhere irrespective of energy source
  • Aid the adoption of cryptocurrency into undeveloped markets
  • Support the development and growth of emerging markets
  • Create new income generating streams
  • Build value and support the growth and value of the ECP – Eclipse energy coin.

Our Revolutionary Magnetic Generators

We will power our mobile bitcoin and Alt Coin mining with our revolutionary free clean energy device will support the deployment of mining operations anywhere possible to power and extend economic development.

We are creating an AI-Artificial intelligence assisted marketplace to trade decentralized clean energy generated. For the first time ECP coin holders will afford the benefits of trading clean energy generated in a market place, you will be able to generate clean magnetic energy you can sell to the Grid or peer to peer with ECP coins in our marketplace.

Token Incentives

Profit Sharing
1% of the proceeds from the profits of our renewable energy utility company and allied Investments will go to the Token holders which will be distributed periodically by the smart contract to their ERC20 compliant wallets in form of token distribution as a form of passive income for holding Eclipse tokens.

Peer 2 Peer trading capacity
Token holders of the Eclipse Energy token will be able to trade individually generated renewable energy peer-to-peer using their tokens on our artificial intelligence assisted trading platform built on the Blockchain technology.

Store of Energy
Eclipse tokens can also serve as a store of energy for pre-generated electrical energy values calculated based on the offer price deemed by market forces.

Means of exchange
Eclipse tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies once they are listed on a trading exchange platform peer-to-peer or Peer-to- grid.

Community Acceptance
Eclipse token as a community token to be listed on major exchanges

We are Giving You a Chance to

Participate on our Energy Trading Platform

Artificial Intelligence assisted clean energy agnostic marketplace platform.

Our Goal

  • Tokenization of emerging renewable energy generation
  • Eclipse Network is an agnostic clean renewable energy company set out to build a platform for easy renewable energy adoption and marketplace
  • Supply the world’s first truly magnetic electric generating renewable energy powered cryptocurrency mobile mining units
  • Power Cryptocurrency Mining with the clean energy generated magnetic generators
  • Accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency in new and emerging markets by overcoming infrastructural access with the powered mobile cryptocurrency mining farm
  • Build a decentralized artificial intelligence assisted trading platform on the Blockchain
  • Create a clean energy agnostic marketplace
  • Facilitate Peer to Peer energy generation and trading
  • Facilitate Peer to Grid energy generation and trading
  • Bottoms up approach Give access to ordinary citizens to be able to participate in the renewable energy revolution by being able to generate clean energy, convert their energy to Eclipse Energy tokens.


Project Conception & Initiation
December 2017
Private Sale begins
ICO Crowdsale Opens
March 2018
ICO Crowdsale – Ends
July 2018
Token Listings Begins on Major Exchanges
October 2018
Free Energy generator mobile mining platform implementation
November 2018
Major Alliances and partnerships into new and emerging markets
December 2018
Launching of our Energy Marketplace
February 2019
Global expansion
September 2019
ECP – Debit card launch
October 2019
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Duration: March 27th to July 5th 2018
Hard cap: $50M
Soft cap: $10M
Token Symbol: ECP (ERC20)
Exchange rate: 1 ECP = $0.10 cents
Total Supply: 1 Billion Tokens
Contract Address: 0x24d91950de5d72740adfdf1f21828d11df146124
  • 75% Distributed to Community
  • 13% Reserved Funding
  • 9% Founders and Team
  • 2% Advisors
  • 1% "Bounty" campaign
Do not send ETH from exchanges like Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken.